Communication is very important when you are out. Know the means and modes of communication in Madurai, India.

Communication in Madurai

Communication is very necessary in order to stay connected. It keeps you in sync with the pace of the world. There are a number of communication facilities available in Madurai city of India, to ensure that you do not lag behind. While traveling, communication becomes even more important. You can need any information at any time. Communication channels link you with your family, friends and office. So, even if you are on the move, communication channels keep you connected.

Cyber Café
An important way of communicating worldwide is through Cyber café. No matter where you are, you can always reach your family as well as your office with the help of internet. You can even retrieve information related to your travel, almost instantly. There are a number of cyber cafes in the city where you can avail the facility.
  • Web Tower
  • Net Tower
  • Cyber World
  • ABC Internet
  • S.R. Computer Academy
  • TamilNad Computers
  • Cyber Club
  • Sunnett
  • Sreenet
  • Netcomm Internet
Mobile Phones
People do use mobile phones in Madurai. If you are a tourist, then using mobile phone gives you mobility. You can stay in touch with the whole world while you are on the move, without missing any important calls.

PCO/ STD Booth
In case you do not wish to use a mobile phone then a PCO/STD Booth is the best option for you. You can make both local as well as STD calls from the Booth. ISD call facilities are also available at most of the Booths. The STD code of Madurai is 0452.

Post offices
Though, with the advent of internet, people do not write letters any more, there is still a great deal of responsibility shouldered by the Post offices. You can always send telegrams, money orders, speed post, registered letters and air mails, via the post offices.