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Madurai Arts and Crafts

Madurai has become a big commercial centre in the south. It is famous for its textile industry which is growing in stature with time. The city contributes immensely to the textile wealth of the county. The textile industry still uses its ancient techniques of weaving. The textile from the region is exported to all over the world. There is a vast variety offered by Madurai in both the textile material as well as the weaving techniques. Apart from textiles, there are a number of other small industries that contribute to the arts and crafts of the city.

Spinning and weaving are widely practiced here. The city is known for its cotton textile industry, which also serves as the main occupation of its people. Cotton and silk threads are finely spun. The silk cloth is produced by tying knots on the ends. The muslin produced is very fine and carries floral designs of different colors. Embroidery is also done on the cloth, which serves to be an added attraction.

Dyeing is also done on loin cloth. Earlier, apart from Silk and cotton, a fiber was made of wood which was called Sirai Maravuri and Naarmadi. Now-a-days, woolen goods are also sold in the markets of Madurai. As cotton remains the all time favorite, there is a wide range available for the consumers. Madurai specializes in fine gold-bordered veshtis, which are medium weight cotton sarees with fine Zari and fabric painting. These saris are popularly called the Madurai sungudi.